GOLD is the title of the Danish National Barbecue Team’s cookbook, and gold was what the book received! In Paris, the team responsible for the book was honoured with the award for World's Best BBQ Cookbook.

There are many BBQ books in the world, but since the Danish National Barbecue Team’s GOLD book was published, it has swept aside all its rivals and won the title of World’s Best!

The strict aesthetic is maintained throughout the entire book. All of the pictures of the food were shot on white dinnerware and a crisp white tablecloth. All of the dishes were produced by the National Barbecue Team on Weber grills, and the food was styled by Jonathan Bitzow.


Blaabaer Spareribs
Guld 04
Lam Med Urte Skorpe
Mac N Cheese
Terteleter M Hoens I Asparges Og Pulled Pork Og Røget Laks
Royal Svaerd
Roeget Burger
Guld Affoto Skraa 01
Guld Gold Grill 2
Kaernemaelksmarineret Svine Mb Wasabi
Cornflakes Kylling 2
Coq Au Vin
Pommes Frittes 1