I’m a photography geek! Photography is in my blood, and my heart beats a little bit faster when creativity and technique unite in perfect balance.

When it comes to photography, I love perfecting the technical details while also ensuring that the finished photograph looks relaxed and natural. I will do whatever it takes to get exactly the right picture that communicates what my clients want, and I approach every new project with an equal measure of appetite and curiosity.

As a professional freelance photographer for many years, I have had the privilege of working with gastronomy- and foodphotography, with interior and design products, and as a commercial photographer with a focus on employee portraits and company profiles.

I could go on for hours about achieving the perfect lighting to photograph a carrot, but I’ll spare you all the technical talk and just show you a picture of a bunch of carrots. Carrots that are so crisp, fresh and orange that you can’t think of anything other than carrots for the rest of the day.

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Food, people, and much more

A great many things interest me, but there are five areas in particular that I love to work with and photograph. Food photography, product images, still life, reportage series and professional portraits.

Food and gastronomy make up the first category that I have worked on for many years. Food should be appetising and arranged in a visually appealing way so that you can almost smell the scents, taste the spices or feel the raw ingredients. Then there is still life and packshots, where it is essential to create the right mood for the product so that it stands out even more and shows its potential. Still life and lifestyle photography also require you to pay attention to aesthetics, with appealing, atmospheric setups for product photographs and interior images.

A good reportage series will tell the story of the place or event it is capturing, and it is also important for the reportage photographer to pay attention to the little moments. Last but not least, there is portrait photography. Employee portraits should have personality and reflect the interesting people that represent the company. For me, employee portraits are not just bread-and-butter work, but an amazing opportunity to meet some wonderful people and catch just the right moment when they are completely themselves.

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My studio, my second home

My studio is bright with high ceilings and a homely atmosphere. It is a complete studio offering maximum flexibility where we can create the setting for food photography and food styling, packshots, portrait photography, advertising photography and video shoots. The studio is located in Aarhus, close to the motorway, and there is parking right outside the door, so there is easy access when you come to visit. I aim to create a cosy, informal setting so that together we can meet your requirements in the best way possible.

In the studio, there are about 300-400 different dishes and bowls for use in food photography, as well as many different backgrounds, countertops, tableware and other product photography props. We can create a unique environment for the shoot and set exactly the right mood. The studio can be packed up and taken on location within Denmark and the rest of Europe. As a photographer in Aarhus, I feel that I am located in the middle of Denmark, and I can easily leave the studio to work on location taking pictures for business portraits, production or mood images.

Moving images and video production

In addition to photography, I also work with moving images and shoot various different categories of video. This includes anything from recipe videos, profile videos, presentation videos (both creative and corporate) to reportage photography or drone footage. I have a wealth of experience in organising, editing and cutting videos of varying lengths.

A corporate video can be a good addition to a company or product presentation, or can be used in conjunction with an event or in many different contexts for marketing purposes. It’s fun to let your imagination run wild and create a video to show the making of a product, scenes from everyday life in the company, or to zoom out and give an overview of the nature and culture of an interesting place.

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