Morsø has made wood-burning stoves for more than a century, and their outdoor stoves are not only beautiful and warm, but also great for cooking.

These product images were an exciting challenge because fires needed to be lit in all of the stoves, and the mood shots needed to show that the stoves are good for cooking. Starting an open fire in a stove in a photo studio is extremely dangerous, and if the studio doesn’t burn down, there is a very high probability of getting carbon monoxide poisoning. Outdoor pictures pose a challenge in terms of light control, so the photos had to be taken in several sessions: some of them outdoors at night, others using a very special lighting setup.

Forno Grill Pack Med Ild 1
Forno Grill Mad
Forno Pack Med Ild
Forno Mad
Grill Cocotte Mad
Grill Cocotte Pack
Kamino Pack Med Ild 2
Kamino Mad