Travel and restaurant reportage from Malaga

This travel reportage is also a restaurant reportage, as it was created for the Danish gourmet magazine Gastro. Therefore, it is a mix of images from restaurants and attractions and other evocative images from Malaga

Marche Malaga 86
Marche Malaga 64
Malaga 28
Malaga 08
Marche Malaga 39
Malaga 39
Restaurant El Cabra 18
Restaurant El Cabra 08
Restaurant El Cabra 05
Restaurant El Cabra 06
Restaurant Malaga 09
Tapas Bar Marisqueria El Yerno 06
Tapas Bar Marisqueria El Yerno 03
Marche Malaga 26
Malaga 44
Marche Malaga 29
Malaga 05
Marche Malaga 83