Portrait images of Restaurant Alchemist’s chef, Rasmus Munk. The restaurant’s mystique is reflected in the somewhat quirky portraits.

Rasmus Munk is one of the Danish chefs charging ahead and making headlines for Danish gastronomy in the world’s press. He created his first restaurant, Alchemist, himself, refurbished the premises and developed an entirely unique restaurant experience.

Now Alchemist v2.0 is finally open, and here Rasmus Munk and his team ensure that guests receive a restaurant experience like no other place in the world!

Rasmus Munk Dark 02 Bw
Rasmus Munk 04 Sh
Rasmus Munk Window 01
Alchemist Kitchen
Alchemist Rasmus 06
Rasmus Munk Butterfly 01
Rasmus Munk Butterfly 08
Rasmus Munk Tastewall