Here is a small selection of images I have created for the Danish Yeast Factories (De Danske Gærfabrikker). Still life images of yeast in a baking situation, and pure packshots that show the product in a good light.

The famous yeast packet, which features a red Maltese cross, is still thriving because it’s a good and pure product.

The Danish Yeast Factories also make other types of yeast, including organic fresh yeast, organic dry yeast and conventional dry yeast. With these images, our aim was to inspire the viewer to bake using exactly the type of yeast they need.

Also see some of the people behind the production of Danish yeast.

Vitamin D 12
Oeko Toergaer 03
Vitamin D 06 2
Vitamin D 04 2
Toergaer 01
Vitamin D 16