Delicious food made with fire. With the Morsø Forno outdoor oven and the right accessories, you can make food so delicious that you end up eating it before you get a good picture of it.

That was the concept behind the ‘already eaten’ food pictures. Food photos to show that the food was so mouthwatering that we ended up eating it before we could take the picture. The photos were used in a Morsø catalogue to promote their Forno outdoor oven range. The images of the ‘already eaten’ food were created in the studio with food styling by René Mammen. The other food shots were taken on location, on the set of an advertising film for the Morsø range. Plating and styling by Gorm Wisweh.

Minus Mad Fisk
Laks 1
Jomfruhummer 3
Minus Mad Boeuf Bourguignon
Lamme Skank 2
Minus Mad Lam
Rabarbertaerte 5
Minus Mad Pizza 1
Pizza 1