In the Danish cookbook ‘Meget mere økologi i børnehaven’, we visit three different nurseries and see how each serves organic food to its children. The book is packed full of food images, recipes, tips and ambience.

The book (Much more organic food in nursery) was produced in collaboration with Organic Denmark and is intended to provide guidance for other children’s institutions. The images needed to show that organic food doesn’t have to be boring, and that the recipes are easy for other nurseries to adopt. There are mood shots from the nurseries themselves, as well as food images of the creation process and the finished results.

Fiskepakke 02
Bethlehem Stemning 174
Forheksede Hakkedrenge 02
Madpakke 1
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Humus 01
Tomatsuppe 1
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Lasagne 02 2
Pizza 01
Bagte Soede Kartofler 02
Frugtdyr 05
Broed 06
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Mini Rugbroed 3
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