Shooting product photos is always an exciting challenge, and in my product photography I always set up obstructions to put my creativity to the test.

There always has to be product similarity, so it’s no use trying to cheat! The focus must be on the best aspects of the product and on capturing the product’s aesthetic. The obstructions ensure that no dull, flat product images are produced.

It would be wrong to say that I don’t always care about the technical aspects and geek out over each photographic detail, but when product photographs and still lives, I geek out even more than usual. The most important aspect is showcasing the customer's product from its very best side. The product’s design and function must be communicated, while also capturing the company’s visual style. It is all about creating a unique style while also making it easily recognisable so that it hits the target audience in the one split second you have to catch their attention.

Product photographer with the right focus

Good product images can focus on a design detail and showcase the design idiom, but they can also be set up as a still life in a location and reflect the atmosphere around the product. As a product photographer, I focus on knowing the company as the ‘sender’ in order to create the best results and make it a natural part of the product’s promotion. It’s an inescapable fact that a strong visual look leaves the best impression on the ‘receiver’. When the reader is browsing through a magazine filled with adverts, your product needs to jump off the page to make an impact.

This is supposed to look easy, but it’s also where it gets really fun – and hard. Similarly, I put a lot of emphasis on creating good and professional packshots for catalogues and websites that show products clearly and in detail. With a simple graphic style for product photography, it becomes easier to focus on the product’s features. I always do my absolute best to capture just the right aesthetic that hits the company’s unique style.