Gastronoma needed a visual boost, so along with Tine from Manz’art, I developed a new style for their packaging images. Product images in a simple, stylised setting and amazing, clean packshots.

The dark, slightly cool background showcases the products well. The colour and tone make the products stand out from other, similar products when shoppers see the packages side by side in shops. This shows, once again, that good product images are important and add value to a product.

18310005 Sous Vide Stick Top
18310005 Sous Vide Stick Pack
18310005 Sous Vide Stick Front
18310004 Food Dehydrator Top 3
18310004 Food Dehydrator Packshot
18310004 Food Dehydrator Front
18280000 Slow Cooker Front
18280000 Slow Cooker Packshot
18280000 Slow Cooker Top